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Zeļļu Street 3

An ambitious renovation project is carried out in the centre of Āgenskalns, completely renovating the historic residential building at Zeļļu Street 3. The apartment house has four floors, with 12 apartments situated on the top three floors, while commercial premises and one smaller apartment is located on the ground floor. All apartments will be offered to the new residents with fully completed renovation and a fully equipped bathroom.


Modern and high-quality materials have been used in the renovation of the apartments, but historical details have been preserved, which gives them a special charm and value. The building has a completely renovated electricity network, water and plumbing systems, as well as a newly installed gas heat supply, which was not previously in the building. The walls of the house were insulated, the roof was restored and the facade was completely renovated.


There will be a green area next to the house with a children's playground and parking spaces, which apartment buyers will be able to purchase for a separate fee.

Contact us to find out more about the object or to request a visit to the object

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