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Stabu Street 99

Stabu Street 99

The building at Street Stabu 99 is historical heritage. The building was built in 1909 and was designed in the style of national romantic architecture with elements of the Latvian-ethnographic façade. The first thorough renovation of this architectural monument in its long history was carried out in 2005. However, when buying this historic house in early 2020, the owners of River Properties decided to refresh some details of the house to emphasize more the appeal of this property.


Renovation of the facade, replacement of engineering communications, reconstruction of several apartments, repair of the staircase and improvement of the yard area - the mentioned works were performed in the period from March to the end of October 2020. As many of the apartments were in good technical condition, the interior decoration of the apartments is not affected.


River Properties offer at Stabu Street 99 included apartments with an area of ​​39.5 - 119.1 m2. Taking into account the level of renovation and floor, the apartments were available at the sales prices of1100 - 1500 EUR per m2. On the ground floor of the building, there are also commercial premises (with an area of 56.8 m2)


As an additional bonus, Stabu 99 offers 14 parking spaces in the yard of the complex, as well as nine storage rooms for personal belongings, located in the basement.

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