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Krāsotāju iela


The project offers apartments in their development state, meaning that developer companies can take a chance to acquire a floor or a whole building to flip the apartments and make further sales. 

The bonus discount available for buying apartments in the bulk from this project makes the offer even more attractive. At the same time, the property is open for individuals who are looking for their own future income source and are ready to commit to purchasing a property unit.




Krāsotāju Street residential property is an excellent investment

opportunity for those who seek options to earn passive income with real estate.

While the demand for real estate development projects or ready-to-rent apartments that require only yearly maintenance is always high, there might be a lack of objects that provide the opportunity. The Latvian real estate market is open for those who are ready to make smart investments and Krāsotāju Street is a chance that cannot be missed. The particular complex of three residential houses on Krāsotāju Street is turning out to be a coveted project for those who know the value of a good income source.

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15 apartments available 
Area 36,4 - 79,3 sq.m.

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19 apartments available  
Area 19,3 - 54,5 sq.m.

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Krāsotāju iela 13 ēka3.jpg

19 apartments available  
Area 16,8 - 50,0 sq.m.


Choose your apartment 

Krasotaju 13,dzivokļu izvelne
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Make an appointment

Take a look at the available property units, visit your selected apartment and make a reservation or make an appointment with one of our sales consultants.



In the three-building complex, apartments with different areas are available, among which everyone will be able to find the most suitable one. The excellent location of the property provides an opportunity for a mix of solitude and greenery, at the same time offering all the entertainment of the central city district. 

Each owner can choose the most preferable view from the windows of their new property – be it the street, the courtyard or Ziedoņdārzs’ scenery. Besides, each owner can choose the interior of their taste, thus lowering the overall costs.

Make an appointment with our sales consultants to receive more detailed information.



Area:  17 - 32,5sq.m 
Floor:  1 - 5
Price:  25 350 - 47 125eur




Area:  36,4 - 54,2sq.m 
Floor:  1 - 5
Price:  47 320 - 78 590eur




Area:  49,8 - 77,8sq.m 
Floor:  1 - 5
Price:  69 720 - 112 810eur




Area:  75,4 - 79,3sq.m 
Stāvs:  1 - 5
Price:  105 560 - 111 020eur



The apartments are sold in their current state, providing an opportunity for the new owners to renovate them according to their taste and allowing controlling the construction costs.

All three buildings are pre-war masonry residential apartment houses, completed at the beginning of the 20th century. During the overall renovation, the façade of the building is going under construction along with the roof and drain pipes. All windows will be changed and there will be a reconstruction of the sewing system, heating system, electricity grid as well as the staircases, returning the light and historical aura to the inside of the buildings.

All buildings will be added to the city heating grid by building new heating units and heating grid, providing a heat meter in each apartment with a remote reading option. The renovation mostly focuses on the common areas of the building by preserving the historical details and atmosphere, renovating the original staircase details and creating a warm and cosy environment. All apartment doors will be changed to wooden doors for the EI30 class. Also, the painting on the walls and ceilings will be renewed. 

To ensure energy efficiency in the buildings, the windows have been changed to PVC windows with a high thermal resistance coefficient (U=1.1W/m2k), while the attic insulation will be carried out as well. The external walls have been restored with plaster and paint.
While the demand in Latvia is high for economy-class living spaces, the market cannot satisfy the need. Krāsotāju 13 is an excellent offer for those who are looking for a property with added value of its history and location, while still paying an affordable and reasonable price.



Construction works in the yard will be carried out by laying a new pavement and fencing the territory. Young parents will be able to appreciate not only the advantages of the nearby Ziedoņdārzs, but also the children's playground and benches, which are installed in the yard. 
New, covered waste container storage will be installed. Also, various saplings will be planted and landscaping works will be carried out.


The residential buildings are located in the part of the city that has taken a peculiar shape throughout the years. A lot of the area consists of wooden building ensemble, which is a significant part of the city's cultural heritage and is more known as “Wooden Riga”. Right across from the Krāsotāju 13 complex one of the oldest buildings in the area is located – the Kresling house built in 1876, now renovated to emphsasize the historical value of the area.


Contact us

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We offer consultations for individuals as well as for the developers who would like to purchase a floor or a bulk of apartments for renovation and further sales. 

Antons Lešinskis


The location is only one aspect of a high demand from potential buyers or tenants. While the area is very popular among city habitants, also the apartment size and layout are well-suited for young professionals or families who are in the process of buying their own property or are residing in the city for a fixed term and are looking for temporary residence. Besides, the proximity to city entertainment areas and the most beautiful city parks are very good selling points to offer the property to those who are eager to enjoy the city center benefits while living in the quite isolated and silent street.


Krāsotāju Street is a quiet and old street that has historically always been a part of Avotu and Grīziņkalns neighbourhoods. The street got its name at the end of the 19th century, associating it with the cloth dyers that resided in the area. At the end of the 19th century, the construction and development of the street began.


One of the main perks of the street is its excellent location. While it is located in the center of the city, the street still is separated from the main traffic flow. Nearby are two of the most beautiful city parks - Ziedondārzs and Grīziņkalns, offering recreational opportunities, sports activities and the presence of nature in the city center. The parks are very popular among families with children, young people engaged in sports activities, as well as pet owners who appreciate the dog walking areas.


Apart from long-term rental options, there are always city visitors who are looking for short-stay options in the city, and the very attractive property location is quite a guarantee for a busy rental schedule during the active tourism season providing more income than a regular tenancy.

Krāsotāju iela


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