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Kr. Barona Street 6

The building is located at the beginning of Barona Street, an area mostly made up of masonry buildings in the characteristic style of the second half of the 19th century. This particular building is a significant part of the cultural and historical buildings of Barona Street and gracefully fits into the city landscape. The apartment house is five-story high, on the ground floor there are spacious commercial premises, while from the second to the fifth floor there are luxurious apartments, including a view of Vērmanes Park - one of the most beautiful and oldest parks in Riga. The building has only 12 apartments with  areas from 33 sq.m to 142 sq.m. The ceiling height in all building is from 3 m to 3.3 m. There are spacious three and four-room apartments overviewing Vērmanes Park, as well as compact two-room apartments with windows facing the historic building of Riga Circus. Only high-quality materials were used in the renovation and decoration of all apartments.

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