Amālijas Street 5a


The building on Amālijas Street was built in 1912, by a project of architect Oscar Alexander Johann Bar.


The L-shaped building is three stories high, with cosy and sunny apartments on the ground floor and the second floor, while more spacious loft-style apartments are planned for the top floor. A total of 31 apartments will be available with total areas from 21 sq.m to 108 sq.m. There will be one-room studio apartments, two-, three-, four-room apartments and one five-room apartment.  In the basement of the building it will be possible to buy a storage room, a total of 28 storage rooms are planned.


Renovation of the building is currently underway, resulting in a complete reconstruction of the building’s facade, yet preserving the historical charm and appeal of the wooden building. Also, the stairwells will be renovated along with all engineering communications, electricity grid and roof. Particular attention will be paid to the improvement of the yard of the residential building – the closed territory will be planted with greens and turned into a relaxing space. The yard will have 12 parking spots and a children playground along with an outside gym for the most active residents.